There Was Something Eerie In These Woods- A Poem

There was something eerie in these woods,
The dark forest that I spent my childhood in.
It was right next to an elementary school,
But the other kids never went in it.
I spent days climbing through the trees,
Never paying mind to when noise seemed to cease.
When the birds flew away,
And I was the only one left trying to get to the sky.
I stumbled across a cemetery once.
It had decaying tombstones and roses that seemed eternal,
Kept cool from the summer sun,
From the shadows that rose from the graves.
I saw a small wooden cross,
Hand-etched and carved into.
There was no name.
Just a birth and death date.
It was the same.
Sometimes I think about those days,
My pigtails peering at it.
The little whispered, “I’m sorry”.
I never went back to that cemetery.
But there was something eerie in the woods that haunts my memory.
Perhaps it was the first time that I understood that life has an end,
Even if it was barely a life at all.
Or maybe I just realized why all of the birds flew away.


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