I Can’t Paint and That’s Why I Love It

I can’t paint. Well, technically I can, but it isn’t very good. At one point when I was younger I had a dream of becoming an artist but when my stick figures didn’t improve I moved on to other dreams. However, as my spring semester of school ended I decided that I wanted to find a hobby for the summer. Scrolling through Amazon I looked at different activities that would involve me physically creating something. I looked at embroidery, jewelry-making, and painting examples on different websites and considered each before hitting the “Buy” button for a watercolor palette and watercolor paper. I already had brushes from another time that I’d been hit by the art bug so I was set with the basic materials for a beautiful craft.


I don’t really know why I chose watercolor. It’s probably because I figured that it would be the most forgiving of all the painting styles. If you mess up, you can swirl in some more colors to try to cover up the mistake. Also, I love putting water on the page and dipping in just a single drop of paint, watching the color spread like a blooming flower before settling on the page in a speckled pattern.


I’m not very good at painting. But I love it. I especially love to paint sea creatures and I’ll sometimes put little smiles on their faces, not because they actually smile but because it makes me do so. It brings me joy in the simplest way, especially watercolor paintings, because it is one of the few things that I am not a perfectionist in. As I’ve painted, I’ve realized that sometimes the water goes over the lines. The colors you choose may end up changing an aspect of the painting in a way you didn’t think it would. And I’ve realized that it’s okay to screw up and just enjoy the process, even if the end product doesn’t come out like you think it will. Because it’s about you.

If painting makes your heart sing (as cheesy as that sounds), do it. If you like to dance but look like a tornado, do it anyway. If there’s anything that you love to do but aren’t good (as long as it’s safe for you and others), DO IT!!!! Seriously. Practice is everything and it’s important to just be you-good and bad paintings included. This was my first in my “Things I’ve Tried” series but I really enjoyed it. Thanks for reading!





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