Weekend Trip to the Big City

I went to New York City this past weekend with a bucketlist but nothing really planned out. If you knew me you’d realize that I hate not having a plan. I’m someone who loves to make lists and plans and schedules so the idea of going to NYC but not knowing when and where I was going was not ideal. However, I have been trying to be more spontaneous this year and figured I may as well try it here (I would not recommend if you are going for the first time. I have been multiple times though so I had already seen many major sights 🙂 ).

Here is a list of a bunch of things I did and my personal reviews on them:

  1.  Broadway Musical– I saw the musical Groundhog Day and it was pretty good. It was really funny and a good story. The only thing I didn’t like as much was that multiple songs were repeated which is to be understood since the musical is about the same day (that day being Groundhog Day) over and over and over again.
    Overall Rating- 4/5
  2. Top of the Rockefeller Center– Absolutely stunning. I almost went to the Empire State Building but I’m so happy I did the Top of the Rock because you could see an amazing view of the Empire State Building. Looking at the glittering city lights spreading as far as the eye can see in every direction was such an incredible experience and I definitely recommend. It may have been my favorite thing I did this weekend.
    Overall Rating- 5/5
  3. Charging Bull– This bull stands in the financial district. And while it was a really cool statue, it was hard to get close to it. People were packed so close together, fighting to takes selfies with it, that it just wasn’t worth it to me to get close. It was a nice statue just way more popular than I realized. Overall Rating- 2/5
  4. Times Square- The more I go to New York the more I want to stay away from Times Square. I’d so much rather explore Chinatown, Little Italy, Greenwich Village, and the other cute and unique parts of New York than be struggling to get through an area. It’s definitely a good thing to see each time you go but I only stay a little while before going to explore other places.
    Overall Rating- 3/5
  5. Central Park– I didn’t stay in Central Park for too long because it was growing dark when I went, but it was still beautiful. I love that there’s a place in the middle of the city to just go and reconnect with nature. Sitting in the park and looking at the city at sunset is something I would definitely recommend.
    Overall Rating- 4.5/5

NYC is also a hub for great food so here are some things to definitely try-

-Gelato from Little Italy
-Pizza. There are pizza places everywhere in NYC but definitely check Google for some recommendations because not all pizzas are the same.
-Hot dogs or pretzels from a street cart. I feel like it’s just part of the experience.

New York City can seem magical and I am so happy that I got to go this past weekend. I made some memories and can’t wait to go again.

Until next time,




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