The First Post

Hello! Here it is- the official first post on my new blog. I have so many ideas of what I want to put on this blog but had no idea how to start it. What is important enough for me to make it my first post? So I decided to introduce myself and what this blog is about. Could you just visit my about page to see a shortened version of what I’m about to write? Yes. But would you get the main message about what I want this blog to be? Probably still a yes. But if you’re still interested even after all that then just keep reading.

My name is Alyssa and I’m a animal-lovin’, taco eatin’, new hobby tryin’ girl who is constantly looking for new things to do while managing to keep up with all of my favorite series on Netflix. I like to believe that anything is possible and wanted a way to express myself. Hence, this blog was created.

This blog is dedicated to basically anything I find interesting. You can see some of things I want to try on my bucket list page and I will be writing about anything and everything under the Sun. Speaking of the Sun, I chose the name Light Up the Sun as the name for a reason. I want everything I do to bring so much happiness to myself and others that even the Sun seems to shine brighter. Everything this blog stands for will be about doing stuff in the name of kindness and joy- both doing it for yourself and bringing it to others.

I hope you enjoyed my VERY FIRST POST and I’ll be writing again soon. Until then!



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